Donor to patient documentary

Interviews in Stockholm lab

Filming science doc Vienna

Filming in pharmaceutical lab

Setting up in Stockholm

Look the Other Way: VR Art installation

Look the Other Way – VR participant

Stitching 360 footage for Oculus VR

Homeless VR filming: subway scene

Homeless VR filming: Oxford Street

Easyrig5 and the Arri Amira

Filming Levi’s ‘Circles’ commercial

Filming for Levi’s in Cape Town

Filming Levi’s ‘Circles’ commercial in SA

Filming Levi’s ‘Circles’ commercial

Filming Levi’s ‘Circles’ commercial

Filming for Levi’s in Cape Town

Building the set for ITV Tonight show

Building the set – ITV Tonight show

Filming ITV Tonight with Theresa May

Filming ITV Tonight show with the PM

ITV Tonight with Julie Etchingham

Documentary: filming Capoeira in Brazil

Documentary: filming in Argentina

Documentary, Hamburg, Germany

Portraits of breakdancers, Brazil

Documentary shoot: Salta Argentina

My glamorous crew in Argentina

Working with Capoeira dancers, Brazil

Filming on Toronto Islands, Canada

Shooting documentary GVs in Toronto

Filming Capoeira documentary in Brazil

Filming completed, Salta, Argentina

Future chief of police, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Therapy: Doc shoot in Argentina

Toronto doc – snow tests my wetsuit

Tobogganing at lunch – Winnipeg!

Shooting São Paulo GVs with lens skirt

That’s a wrap: breakdancers, Brazil

Landing in São Paulo, Brazil

That’s a wrap – doc in Salta, Argentina

Planes de-iced in Winnipeg

Canadian snow tests the Camrade

Filming documentary in Toronto

Filming on Toronto Island

Shooting GVs in São Paulo

Documentary shoot: Salta, Argentina

Filming GVs on Toronto Island

Interviewing in Hamburg, Germany

New documentary, São Paulo, Brazil

Interviews in São Paulo

Doc interviews in Salta, Argentina

Filming GVs in São Paula, Brazil

Filming GVs in cable car – Salta, Argentina

Filming in Lausanne, Switzerland

Prep for film in Lausanne, Switzerland

Test screening of my film We are Human

Loving the beautiful Varicam

Filming the bridge scene

Taking a break on set

Filming at Waterloo Bridge

Intro scene – Car slow mo

Setting up Millennium Bridge scene

Filming Millennium Bridge scene

We are Human – That’s a wrap

Humphrey recording the voice

Getting the camera ready

Final scene – We are Human

We are Human – post production

Colour grading at The Look

Soutbank scene – Jamie setting up

Final scene ‘We are Human’

My car boot during We are Human shoot

Filming Blackfriars Bridge scene

Filming intro scene in car with Mark

Filming ‘We are Human’ blackfriars scene

Directing comedy advert

Advert – shooting final scene

Directing advert for Portland agency

DoP – getting camera in position

Directing comedy short

Studio shoot – model house

Filming promo in London

Lighting during studio shoot

Colour grading at The Look London

Colour grading at The Look London

Lighting a dolls house – studio shoot

Photoshoot in Chamonix

Filming at Xchanging

Filming in Notting Hill

Virtual learning shoot in Malaysia

Medium Format using PhaseOne IQ250

Abstract art shoot for wallpaper

Roof shoot by Tate Modern

Roof shoot by the Tate Modern

Photoshoot for Grosvenor

Filming Kuala Lumpur Airport

KWE Portraits with Stream Ltd

KWE Portraits with Stream Ltd

KWE Portraits with Stream Ltd

Mercedes Pagoda shoot, Quorndon

5am South Africa, Filming

Housework – Perry irons greenscreen

Mercedes Benz, Tiff Chittenden shoot

Malaysia stills photography

Filming at Lake Zurich

Homeless interviews at The Passage

Andhra Pradesh, India

Working on music video with DOP Mark

Isle of Skye photoshoot

Research for documentary film, London

Doc shoot on coal pollution, Mpumalanga

Table Mountain timelapse, GVs, etc

Interviews Clifton beach, Cape Town

Photography Exhibition, SW1 Gallery

Mixing TV advert voice over

Filming in Time Square, NY

Recording TV advert voice over

Hand model shoot, Green screen

Shooting in Malaysia with model

Rewilding – filming in Wales

Product photoshoot – studio

Grand Central NY – filming

Scottish Highlands, photoshoot

Documentary: Friends of the Earth SA

Rehearsals at the Royal Festival Hall

Mercedes Benz, Tiff Chittenden shoot

DJ Switch – promo film

Photoshoot – Lake Garda Italy

Mercedes Benz, Tiff Chittenden shoot

South China sea, Stills photoshoot

Selecting work: photo exhibition

GVs, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sunday Best – music video shoot

River shoot in the Isle of Skye

Promo filming, Liverpool Street

Homeless interviews: The Passage

New camera assistant – South Africa

Filming fund raiser for The Passage

Community shots, Andhra Pradesh

Green screen filming with hand model

Community shots – Andhra Pradesh, India

Grand Central Station – GVs NYC

Dumbo NYC – filming GVs

Attracting a crowd – Andhra Pradesh

GVs, Fishing villlage, India

Filming NYC 78th floor open window!

Photoshoot in Verona – Vineyards

Filming at Millbank Tower London

4:30am Fishing market, Kakinada, India

Training – Camera course

47 degrees centigrade, India

“Life on the streets” interviews / filming

Kuala Lumpur driving scene

Cooke lenses – soooo nice

Filming promo at Gatwick airport

Film about fishermen, Andhra Pradesh

Yellow cabs in NY – filming GVs

Filming feature with Mr Warmington

Day off exploring, India

Green screen for London ad campaign

River GVs, Andhra Pradesh, India

Isle of Skye – photoshoot

Mercedes Benz, Tiff Chittenden shoot

Interviewing Minister of Education, Malaysia

Filming at Blackberry HQ

Architecture shoot in the Midlands