Documentary: The Gift of Sight

I travelled to Ghana in the spring of 2018 to make a film about curable blindness.  It was an incredible experience to meet the local people and witness them regain their vision. I saw many Ghanians pulling together to make this work, from creating a pop-up operating theatre to forming outreach teams and transporting patients within a 100km radius of Juaboso.

The majority of people who benefit from these kind of operations have no access to healthcare. Many of the people I met were cocoa farmers who were not able to work or earn money without their vision. Some hadn’t been able to see their family in years. But after a 10 minute operation with an ophthalmologist and 24 hours of recovery they could see again.

A huge thanks to Halma for commissioning the film and supporting the Himalayan Cataract Project.

The film was launched on World Sight Day 2018 (11th October, 2018)

Full film (8 mins)

2 minute social media edit

60 second social media edit

Some behind the scenes pictures: