Promo: The architecture of sleep

I filmed this short piece about Hypnos: The Architecture of Sleep, the interactive installation which HASSELL created in collaboration with Sto Werkstatt and Draisci Studio for Clerkenwell Design Week 2015.

Hypnos – The Architecture of Sleep was an interactive, immersive installation comprising a system of hammocks, or sleeping pods, whimsically exploring be creation of environments that respond to our ever-increasing resistance to conventional patterns of rest and sleep. Visitors were cloistered from the hectic commotion of daily life and London’s busy streets, immersed in the pleasures of inactivity. And through artistic expression, we questioned whether ‘sleeperies’ might become a real part of our future cityscape.

This video explores the notions of sleep and rest, asks a sleep neuroscientist how we should be sleeping and touches on what this might mean for the future of workplace design, showing some HASSELL-designed workplaces.

(text/image: HASSELL)