Promo: We are Human

It can be uncomfortable seeing someone you don’t know who is clearly struggling. Most of us aren’t sure if we can help. It’s easier to look away; avoid eye contact.

“We are Human” is a film that challenges this behaviour, encouraging viewers to confront the uncomfortable truth and see that stranger as a human being.

The Passage has experienced, trained professionals that proactively seek out homeless people and offer them help to get off the streets, back into good health, a job, society and giving them back their sense of self. The Passage sees the human in everyone.

Written and Directed by: Simon Waller
Humphrey Pitman
Script: Simon Waller, Edward Higgins, Jamie Collins-Adams, Humphrey Pitman
1AD: David Flindall
Actors: Jamie Collins-Adams, David Flindall
Cameras: Simon Waller, Mark Warmington
Logo animation: Perry Mason
Colourist: Thomas Urbye, The Look
Assistants: Jack Rogers, Jamie Collins-Adams
Music: The Game Day Massacre by Adam Bokesch
Editor: Simon Waller
Behind the scenes Photography: Jack Rogers

Thanks to: Pollitt & Partners and Visual Impact